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InkViro Ltd, Telephone: 01462 681864 Email: Inkviro Ltd. buys unused ink cartridges & toner cartridges.The Seller is the user of the site that will offer genuine original inkjet cartridges shown with a buy-back value.

A FREEPOST service is provided. Conditions for returning inkjet cartridges for reuse, is for genuine original make ink cartridges with a minimum total value of £15. Royal Mail returns are subject to maximum package/carton sizes as set out in the section "How to Pack Inkjets & FreepPost Label". For acceptance by Royal Mail for returns via their service, senders must adhere to package/carton sizes/weights as shown on this site.

1. Inkviro Ltd. bears no responsibility for failed returns as a result of Royal Mail's (The Post Office) performance. It is not a guaranteed Royal Mail service. We are not liable for Royal Mail's performance, or lack of. If your seller order has a high value, or is of a large quantity of inkets, you may wish to consider paying extra for the security of Recorded Delivery.

2. We ask all customers to takes some care when packing ink cartridges. If we receive a box or parcel badly packed, and/or in insufficient packaging, We may automatically deduct 10% for damages. Guidance on how to pack for sending is shown, with images, in "How to Pack Inkjets & FREEPOST".

3. Some manufacturers supply different capacity cartridges (set-up or starter inks) free with a new printer on initial purchase and "set-up". You may include these for recycling-waste disposal, however, they have zero value.

4. HP Instant Ink Programme is designed to ensure the consumer returns these used inks back to HP ONLY. This is to prevent these cartridges getting back into the market for recycling. These may be included for disposal, however, they have no value as they are not for resale, as stated clearly on te HP packaging

5. Inkviro Ltd. reserves the right to decline any cartridge(s) offered to it, including the right to return back to any sender, any carton/package of cartridges sent in, which do not meet our needs or requirements.

6. Your can sell ink cartridges with quick payment: When offering inkjets to sell, for payment to be made you must include your details with a package/carton/box sent, including name/company & email. Once all inkjets have been checked, we will email the number against the Seller Order & the total value. We will ask for either your bank or PayPal Account details if preferred, (& vat registration no. If applicable) for making payment usually within 24-48 working day hours (Mon-Fri: 9 - 5pm)

7. Any offer made to purchase printer cartridges is subject to our physical inspection of those goods. We reserve the right to decline or rescind any offer made. This is to safeguard us in the event that items are subsequently found to be not as described/offered, or damaged with no potentila resale value.

Under the Contol of Pollution Act 1988, we provide a Duty-of-Care for your Environmental records keeping. Our valid Certificate of Registration Under The Control of Pollution Act 1990 can also be viewed at the site as a "read only document". Validity of the document can be done by contacting The Environment Agany: telephone: 03708 506506.


We take-back only inkjet cartridges for recycling. We do not accept non ink cartridges. This includes larger toner cartridges, fuser units, drums or transfer kits. Also any consumable from a laserjer or multifunction (MFP) printer etc.


We buy-back unused (box sealed, unopened in full original makers packaging) Genuine Original Manufacturers (OEM) inkjet cartridges. Unlike toner powder, ink can congeal & "go off" over time. Inkjet cartridges usuall have an unexpired "Use by Date". For inkjets unopened/unused in original makers packaging, we offer two prices:

1. A price equal to a used inkjet where an inkjet Use by Date has expired, or is less than 3 months remaining at the time we receive returned.

2. A higher price where a minimum of at least 4 months unexpired Use by Date is remaining.

Payment for all unused inkjets at the higher price is on the basis that the makers original packaging is complete, sealed, unopend & unmarked (e.g. no indelible pen writing).

Cartridges offered for sale by you are considered to still be new, unopened & unused, but the original makers packaging may either be defaced by writing, marked (usually by remnants of original postage labels), or imperfect (dented, punctured or otherwise), or a combination of any imperfection. The price quoted is for clean undamaged packaging. If there is evidence of any significant imperfections to the makers original packaging, we may reduce price on inspection.

Credit Card Security:

There is no Credit Card payment facility on this site. We do not offer online sales items. The site only buys goods.


If, within 14 days of an online inkjet sales order placed, the Seller does not respond to our email (sent once without reminder) verifying the total value of inkjets received and requesting a bank account or a PayPal account to enable payment to be made, then the amount (value of ink cartridges) will be taken as donated.!!
Any offer made to purchase printer cartridges, or that you make to us to buy printer cartridges, is subject to our physical inspection of those goods. We reserve the right to decline or rescind any offer made, or for any goods offered for sale, for any reason, including misdiscription in our judgement.. <</h3>>!!

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As shown by the consent banner for site entry acceptance/no acceptance, we use Goole analytics for the purposes of using Googles advertising services. Any such advertising is limited to within the UK only.

Data collected by this site is used to:
a. Take and fulfil customer seller orders (offer made to sell & for our consideration to purchase).
b. Administer and enhance the site and service.
c. Only disclose information to third-parties for goods purchase purposes.
d. To occasionally make an approach to offer our service with legitimate interest: See below.

We ask for minimal personal information to be able to provide our services. If you have ever used the services offered by this site and want to know about any personal information we may hold about you, or for any personal information to be removed/deleted, you can send a request to the Data Controller by email to, or make a telephone request; 01462 681864, or write to Inkviro Ltd. 36-36a Caslon Way, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 4QL.

If you use the side tab form for goods you wish to present to us for sale, this is a third party form (Jotform). This form asks for very minimal personal information necessary to undertake a buisness transaction. As an alternative to this convenient means of communication, you may, alternatively simply email. Our email is shown in both the site header and footer as a "Contact Us" link.

We appreciate your privacy & do not disclose information to third parties other than to assist you for the purpose of completing a payment transaction using electronic means via:

e. PayPal facilitated by your provision of an email address
f. Our bankers: In this case, we will delete bank details after a payment is made, unless specifically directed by you to retain via the third party/ies (bank/s) own online confidentiality & security measures for convenience of any future payments.

This site is not a buying site and does not offer anything for sale, in which case a payment transaction would be necessary on line. There are no online bank processes via this site.

Legitimate interest approach to offer our services B2B will come from Linkedin or historical data. This will describe the approach, who we are, what we do, and provide a means for you to be able to request any information about you to be removed. If you are unhappy about any approach we have made to you, you can write to:
Information Commissioners Office (ICO), Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF