Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

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What ink cartridges do you pay for? We pay for those genuine unused original ink cartridge makes/models shown on our site with a buy-back price and, if applicable, a unexpired "use by date". You can include expired (out-of-date) ink cartridges for recycling, on a 1 for 1 basis, i.e. 10 paid ink cartridges and 10 other expired.

What about other ink cartridges makes like Epson? Many new style individual four colour ink cartridges are made from lightweight plastic, such as Epson, Brother, and also some HP & Canon etc. These often break during remanufacturing. If not show on our site, we do not pay for them.

Do you take back empty cartridges for recycling? We do take back used, empty ink cartridges makes/models shown, either with a buy-back recycling price, or with zero value if sent with items of value for waste processing, as opposed reuse. We do not take back larger toner cartridges, drum units, fusers, imaging units, or any other printer consumable to be recycle. This site specialises in repurchasing inkjet (used or unused).

Do you buy back non-original makes? No, we do not pay for non-original copies or compatible cartridges, as they can wear after reuse thereby affecting print quality. Non original branded cartridges have a significantly greater failure rate.

You provide Freepost? Yes, the Freepost label is provided by email to return unused ink cartridges after you "Check out". Affix it to your parcel and simply drop off at your local Post Office or Royal Mail Depot.

Do you pay for all ink cartridges sent back?

Yes, we pay for all genuine original make ink cartridges shown with a price on our site with FIVE EXCEPTIONS:

1. Do you buy-back unused ink cartridges? Yes, we offer a higher price for genuine original unused ink cartridges sent in the makers full original packaging, intact & sealed, not opened, or resealed, with a minimum of 4 Months unexpired "Use by" date, if applicable. If returned in opened, unsealed packaging, they will be treated as used, for recycling.

2. Condition of packaging for travel via a National courier Network-Royal Mail? If a package or carton containing returned inkjets is received poorly packed, without care, or in insufficient packaging, we MAY AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCT 10% FOR DAMAGES. The foils connector easily damages. Please see "How to Pack Inkjets & FREEPOST." . Please pack neatly as you would wish to receive yourself, to protect and minimise lose movement in transit.

3. Do you buy-back Inkjets supplied FREE with a printer? No. Any marked "Starter", or "Set-up" have a reduced internal capacity. They are literally to "get you started" when "settng up" a brand new printer. They have no further commercial reuse value beyond their initial use

4. Do you buy-back "Instant Inks"? Sorry No. These are supplied "Just-in-Time" direct from HP, and have a different electronic component designed to prevent recycling by anyone other than HP. NB: It states on the packaging that Instant Inks are not for resale.

5. How should I pack"? Please see page "How to Pack Inkjets & FREEPOST". the electronic foil connectiorr on an inkjet is fragile. We guide how to pack to minimise damage in transit. If your order is sent other than as guided, and we asses that there is enivatable damage, we will automatically apply a 10% damage charge to be deducted from your Seller Order. It is important to both us & you that you take some care when packing.

How long does it take to check a return?

The Freepost label provided by email is Royal Mail's 2nd Class Service. This delivery service is @2-3 days. We attempt to check all orders on the day of receiving, and within 3 working days, subject to pressures of volumes received .

How long before you make payment? After counting all cartridges returned against the online order, we email confirmation this, with payment amount due. We ask for bank account details to make payment (or a PayPal email if preferred). Electronic payment is made usually the same day you reply if before 5pm Mon-Fri (Excluding Bank Holidays). Please see "Our Inkjet Recycling & Payment Service".

Can I donate ink cartridges for charity? We support the EA Air Ambulance & can accept Genuine Original ink cartridges shown on this site with a value, for their donation. If you are a charity, or charity collector for another charity, we can make payment instead to your own charity. Please see "Recycle Charity Ink Cartridges".

What about security of my Personal Data?

Our Bankers are Barclays Bank who maintains the highest international banking practices required by law. We do not ask for bank details in the site Seller Process. We ask for these in a separate email. After payment has been made, we immediately delete your bank details. Bank details are never kept.

What personal info do you ask for in an order? We ask for very minimal personal information to enable you to be identified as a seller, against your order. This includes; your name, and business name (if applicable as a non-Private, business seller), your Post Code & email address.

Do you share my data with anyone else? No, other than bank details when making payment, we do not share your data with any other 3rd party aside from Feefo (see below) for the purpose of asking for and providing independent feedback reviews.

Do you ask for feedback? We may ask you for your feedback of our service for the benefit of others. This is done via the wholly independent & highly regarded Feedback operator, Feefo. Their service requires us to provide them with just customer name & email only for them to submit you a request for feedback. All feedback reviews are completely yours (the customers).

Some other recycling sites insist on Membership?

We do not insist on membership, so no Login or Password. Sites insisting on membership may ask you for full personal data, including bank account details. Be very wary of this. If personal membership details include you declaring bank account details in an online registration, this personal data may be kept on a server. Servers are constantly under attack by cyber criminals.

What about Duty-of-Care? Unused printer cartridges are termed "discards" under the Environment Agency Act 1990. We are registered with the Environment Agency & provide our Waste Licence Registration No. This covers you under the Act on disposing of printer cartridge "discards" (unused) Please see "Printer Cartridges-Duty of Care".