Surplus Unused Inkjets & Toners

We buy-back surplus inkjets, toner cartridges & other printer consumables.

We buy-back surplus  inkjets, toner cartridges & other printer consumables.

We provide business a no nonsense buy back service for surplus unused, over-ordered toner cartridges and other associated printer consumables, such as fuser units, photoconductor units, drums and transfer kits etc.. We clear out offices & warehouse storage of surplus printer cartridges with audit trail, allowing you to regain that very valuable storage space.

Every company & business will, at some time, replace its I.T. equipment including printers. This is usually based on tax rules & Capital Allowances at a Tax Year start or end. This often results in surplus left over printer cartridges from previous replaced printers. We will offer to buy back any surplus unused inkjet cartridges you may have.

To list of all your surplus unused inkjet cartridges just use the simple form by clicking the YELLOW TAB TOP OF PAGE. Please notet that some makes, such as HP have a "Use by Date", which may have expired. This is because unlike toners which contain a powder, ink in an inkjet cartridge can, with time, "go off" and congeal making it unusable. We will only consider those ink cartridges unused still boxed where the Use by Date is a minimum of 6 months unexpired. - Our Sister Site... - Our Sister Site...

Along with inkjets, both empty for recycling as well as surplus unused inkjets, we also offer to buy back all other printer consumables. This includes

- Surplus unused Toner Cartridges
- Surplus unused Fusers
- Surplus unused Imaging Units
- Surplus unused Maintenance Kits
- Surplus unused Photoconductors, etc. etc.

If you have such surplus unused printer consumables, then please go to our other dedicated toner cartridge buy-back site; now and find out how much we can offer to buy them back, again, with all important Duty of Care (Unused cartridges are covered under the 1990 Environment Protection Act).

Note: If you have any significant stock of surplus toner cartridges for disposal, we can arrange a site visit. This allows us to understand how best to arrange clearance, including agreeing a time to undertake. This could be outside normal office hours to avoid any disruption to any working hours activities.

You can use the site form at to list your surplus toner cartridges. If you have any volume catalogued using a spreadsheet, you can also attach a copy of a spresdsheet with the form. Simple and convenient..