How to Pack Inkjets & FREEPOST

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you pack in accordance with Royal Mail requirements.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you pack in accordance with Royal Mail requirements.

We pay 100%, but a 10% deduction may be made on any package of used inkjets to be recycled received either in insufficient packing, or loose packed/dropped-in, or "bundled/jumbled" for potential damage in transit. We reserve the right to return any package received where we deem the contents to be too damaged. Please take care when packing.

The Freepost service is a 2nd Class non guaranteed service. If your carton contains a large number of inkjets with a higher value, you may wish to consider paying extra for Recorded Delivery. Please see FAQ's if necessary to help answer common questions.
Royal Mail Jiffy Bag plus Small & Large Parcel FREEPOST Service for ink cartridges.

Royal Mail conditions on the maximum size and weight of either a parcel, a jiffy bag/padded envelope or a box must be followed. Unused ink cartridges returned must conform to Royal Mails standards for transportation of goods, as follows.....

Please Do Not: use an ordinary paper envelope (non padded) to return your inkjet cartridges in. It will tear open during handling by the Postal operators, and either some cartridges will be lost, or they will be damaged, or both. The Post Office will reseal for delivery, but we will not pay for damaged or lost cartridges .

How to Pack You can send in a Jiffy Bag or small box, something for example, the size and dimensions of an old shoe box, if the dimensions are no more than

Small Box:. 45 cm (17.5") x 35 cm (13.5") x 16 cm (6.1")

Maximum weight of a Small Box-2KG
3. LARGE BOX: If a much larger box is necessary (for any volume senders), the maximum box weight and dimensions are as follows:

Large box: 61 cm (2 feet) x 46 cm (1.5 feet) x 46 cm (1.5 feet)
Maximum weight of Large Box-10KG