We recycle Canon & HP ink cartridges for recycling. See your inkjet cartridge model from the the above links, e.g. "Recycle Canon Ink Cartridges - PRICES": With online prices, Add your cartridge quantities to the "The Cart" & "CHECK OUT" (top right corner) to produce a Seller Order: See how much cash your total used ink cartridges can raise quickly online. Payment by bank or PayPal in 24 Hrs. of receiving your payment confirmation details.

Please note, there are many, many makes and models of inkjet on the market ranging for printers still in use over many years, indeed, possibly decades even. Most of these are not actively sort for recycling reuse. This may be because they are not popular and therefore, uncommercial to recover for recycling, or that they may present issues when attempted to be recycled. For example, the integrity of the plastic or material it is made from may not allow it to be successfully drilled and refilled for reuse. We deal in predominantly recycling HP and Canon ink cartridges; two of the market leader. And even many of these leading manufacturers ink cartridge models are not sort for reuse because they either have a low market value, or are made from less robust lightweight plastic. This often results in cracking and failure in the remanufacturing process. If your particular cartridge cannot be found on our site, then we do not buy them back for recycling reuse. Inkjets not displayed on our site can, however, be sent in for recycling, as opposed to reuse, on a one-for-one basis together with value inkjets showing a recycling (reuse) buy-back price. Thank you.