Recycle HP-304 XL Colour Inkjet

Recycle HP-304 XL Colour Inkjet

Recycle HP-304 XL colour inkjets: Sell your ink cartridges online.
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Recycle used HP-304XL colour inkjet cartridges to help earn some cash by recycling. Reusing and recycling empty inkjets, forced the original manufacturers to maintain a fairer pricing structure. They cannot simply keep on raisnig prices year on year! This "second-hand" market helps the environment, and your wallet.

Allegedly. ink in an inkjet is more expensive than champaigne! Inkjet cartridges, such as your used HP-304XL inkjet, when recycled properly ensures that such a small item of plastic can be sustainably reused. Professional recycling is not just refilling with the right formulated ink, but also replacing the chip which ensures correct functioning of a remade cartridge.

Human activity and ever increasing population growth is impacting the environment. Ensure, wherever and whenever possible, that you recycle your HP-304XL ink cartridges: Recycle for the environment, the economy and your budget. After your order has been received it takes approx. up to 3 days to process. We then ask for bank or PayPal to make quick direct payment. Recycle easy online with us today.

Please be aware of following when you post: Retun using a jiffy bag. padded envelope or parcel your HP-304XL inkjets, or other ink cartridges to recycle, via your local Post Office or Royal Mail Depot. When doing so, you should request a Proof-of-Postage receipt from them. This is because, "nothing in life is guaranteed apart from death and taxe's", as is the saying! This applies no less to the 2nd ClassFreepost returns service provided by the Royal Mail.

Some inkjet recyclers make it abundantly clear they apparently test all inkjets using a machine to ensure reuse is possible. Cartridges can damage quite easily, particularly the foil connectors. We, however, accept all HP-304XL ink cartridges as declared on our site. But, sufficient packaging, such as.a padded envelope or jiffy bag, or box to return them in must be used. Do not return using an ordinary paper envelope as this will almost certainly tear open resulting in loss or damage of your ink cartridges, and a possible reduced payment.

* Recycle HP-304XL ink cartridges for cash, with quick payment to bank or PayPal account.

Price we pay each: 1.50 (1.80 Including VAT at 20%)

* IMPORTANT: See "How to Pack Inkjets & FREEPOST."