Recycle Canon & HP ink cartridges for cash in 24 hrs. online.

Recycle Canon & HP ink cartridges for cash in 24 hrs. online.

* Get Started - See Recycle Canon Ink Cartridge Buy-Back Prices. IT'S SO SIMPLE...
1. Find your Canon or HP ink cartridge model(s) with recycling or unused buy back value; Click header bar or images right.
2. Add min. £15 worth of inkjets to Your Seller Basket (Genuine Original): For disposal convenience, others can be added on a 1:1 basis inc. rebranded.
3. "Checkout", receive a Royal Mail FREEPOST label, pack your inkjets & return via your Post Office.
4. We pay by bank or PayPal - as good as cash, within 24-48 hours: Money straight into your account.

Inkviro buys unused ink and toner cartridges by recycling inkjets with our simple online seller service and quick cash payment: We also buy back unused toner cartridges at -We aim to pay in 24 hours of receiving bank or PayPal details. Sell ink and toner cartridges for cash; Earn a little extra quick money today by easy inkjet recycling & toner cartridge reuse..

If you have unused toner cartridges to dispose of for reuse by others, you can use our simple site form - List your cartridges (A SPREADSHEET CAN BE INCLUDED) and ensure sustainability of printer consumables. Go to the LEFT SIDE TAB <-- <-- <-- <-- <-- <--

Alternatively: Recycle printer cartridges by donating either for the E A Air Ambulance Service: See Charity Support-Air Ambulance, or your own Charity Campaign (See below): Send £15 worth or more genuine original ink cartridge, shown with a cash recycling price (Hp and Canon).

Or: Recycle ink cartridges and raise Funds for Your Charity Campaign : We recycle cartridges for other Charity Collection Schemes. Return FREEPOST as above, enclosing details of the charity, and once all ink cartridges processed, quick payment is made.

Zero to Landfill: With increasing Environmental legislation on landfill, and environmental effects Worldwide, "Single use" plastic re-use and recycling is becoming more necessary. By reducing, reusing & recycling, "Zero to Landfill" is our mission, as it should be yours. Sell your empty Canon or HP ink cartridges we buy for recycling. Earn money and recycle - do the right thing: Inkviro Ltd. is registered with the Environment Agency to handle inkjet recycling waste under The Control of Pollution Act 1990: Our Certificate of Registration No. is CBDU139817.

Unused Printer Toner and consumables

We offer to buy back surplus unused toner cartridges & other consumables, including drums, fusers, maintenace kits etc., as well as ink cartridges.

Its quite straightforward to list what you have using our simpkle online site form located on the left sidetab. The form also allows you to iclude both a spredsheet, such as excel, and any images.

Reduce-Reuse: If you have surplus unused toner cartridges or other printer consumables, please use the form at our sister site, If any volume, you can attach a spreadsheet.