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Single use plastic-Recycle 4 The Planet

Recycle HP-300 Colour Inkjet

Recycle HP-300 Colour Inkjet

Your empty HP-300 colour ink cartridges can be sold here: Recycle inkjets.
* See more: "Recycle HP Ink Cartridges-Prices"

Earn cash by selling your empty HP-300 colour inkjet cartridges for recycling. Returning inkjets for reuse and recycling in turn, forces the original manufacturer to keep theirr prices in check.

Cartridge ink is more expensive than champaigne, so the saying goes! Empty inkjet cartridges recycled correctly ensures theses tiny iplastic items are reused sustainably. This includes not only refilling with appropriate formatted ink, but also refitting a fresh control chip for correct functioning of a remade cartridge.

The World is being impacted both negatively and positively by human environmental activity. Play your part by ensuring, wherever possible, that your inkjets are properly recycled: Recycle HP-300colour ink cartridges for cash.

After your order has been received it takes up to approx. 3 days to process. We then ask for bank or PayPal to make quick direct payment. Recycle now - Its easy..

The following is important to note: As they say in life, only "Death and taxe's are guaranteed"! We provide a 2nd Class Feeepost service via Royal Mail/The Post Office. This service, despite being the World's oldest postal system, cannot be guaranteed. When posting your jiffy bag or package of HP-300 inkjets at your local Post Office counter or Royal Mail Depot, it is advisable that you ask for Postage Proof.

Additionally, may we kindly request you pack ink cartridges in an suitably sized Jiffy/padded envelope or box, as Royal Mail Freepost service is charged to us based on the size of the package, as well as it's weight.Thank you.

We accept all HP-300 colour ink cartridges returned, provided sufficient packaging, ie. a padded envelope/jiffy bag or box has been used. Some other inkjet recyclers state they test all inkjets using a machine to ensure all cartridges are reusable: They of course reject some and fail to pay on them. Cartridges can damage, especially foil connectors. Please do not return in a plain non-padded envelope as this will not be sufficient to protect the inkjets in transit.

* Receive payment by bank transfer or PayPal, within days. Place online order for freepost label.

Price we pay each: 0.50 (0.60 Including VAT at 20%)

* See "Our Inkjet Recycling & Payment Service".