Recycle Canon CL-546 Inkjet

Recycle Canon CL-546 Inkjet

Recycle & sell your empty Canon CL-546 ink cartridges online for cash now.
* See more: "Recycle Canon Ink Cartridges-Prices"

Make sure you make your used Canon CL-546 inkjet cartridges earn you cash for you by selling back for recycling. Reusing empty inkjets ensures the manufacturers keep their prices in check. This "second-hand" reuse of ink cartridges supports the environment, the economy and the pound in your pocket: A "Win-Win-Win"

Inkjet ink is supposed to cost more than champaigne! Inkjet cartridges recycled in the right way ensures they are sustainably reproduced for reuse with almost no failure. Correct recycling is not just about refilling with the right formatted ink, but also replacing the chip which controls proper working of a remade cartridge.

Our environment is being massively impacted on by human activity. Play your part and always and ensure, whenever possible, your used Canon CL-546 ink cartridges are recycled.

After your order has been received it takes 3 days to process. We then ask for bank or PayPal to make quick direct payment. Recycle now - Its easy..

Important:, please note As the saying goes, "Nothing in life is guaranteed apart from death and taxe's"! Our Feeepost service is provided by Her Majesties Royal Mail service, but is not guaranteed. When you send your jiffy bag or parcel of ink cartridges for recycling please ensure you obtain a receipt for Proof of your local Post Office counter or Royal Mail Depot.

Some ink cartridge recyclers confirm they test all inkjets using a machine to seek if any cartridge is non-reusable. Cartridges can damage, especiall the foil connector. However, we accept all Canon CL-546 ink cartridges returned. This is, providing you have returned your inkjets in insufficient packaging, ie. a padded envelope/jiffy bag or box. Please do not return in an ordinary envelope as this will certainly present insufficient protection in transit.

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* A quick electronic bank transfer or PayPal transacte, normally same day payment detailst provided

Price we pay each: 1.25 (1.50 Including VAT at 20%)

* IMPORTANT: See "How to Pack Inkjets & FREEPOST."